4 Ways to Host A Virtual Party at Home

Restaurants, wine bars and brunch hot spots are normally our happy places, but we’re learning to adjust in the midst of this new era of social distancing. While we can’t go for a glass of wine at these establishments for a while, we CAN host a virtual party at home! 

Interestingly enough, since social distancing has started, our social calendars have been more packed than when we were able to roam freely into the city’s restaurant district and grab food and a drink wherever our hearts desired without the fear of getting coronavirus. 

From boozy brunch with college friends to yoga hosted by our gym to classic Zoom happy hours with coworkers, there’s always a good reason to add some drinks to your calls.

If you’re a wine lover like us, you know you can’t host a virtual party without wine! So let’s get to one of the most important parts of a virtual party- the wine. 

Find Wines for Your Virtual Party 

You need a few bottles to get sipping.

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Now let’s get back to the celebrations!

We’ve created a list of 4 virtual parties you can host with your friends around the globe so you can connect, even in these times of physical isolation. 

Here are 4 types of virtual parties you can host at home:

  1. Yoga and Mimosas
  2.  Dance Party
  3. Game Night
  4. Themed Night

Now let’s dive into the specifics of each fun-filled wine night.

Host A Virtual Party

1. Yoga and Mimosas

We’ll be the first ones to admit it, but we haven’t been doing much exercise the past few weeks. It can be hard to keep yourself motivated when you’re stuck indoors and tempted by the boxes of popcorn, the easy-to-grab frozen pizza, Netflix and wine. But one physical activity we can get behind is yoga…and mimosas!

It’s one of our favorite weekend workouts with friends when we aren’t quarantined as you can participate in a 60-minute yoga class followed by bottomless mimosas.

Isn’t it great when health and something you love is combined?? 

Tell your friends to get into their comfy, form-fitting workout clothes, have a water bottle by their side, grab a yoga mat and prep their dining room table with a bottle of bubbly and a liter of orange juice for post-sweat.

If you’re feelin’ spicy, make this a full-on virtual boozy brunch!

Have everyone make their favorite morning/early afternoon dish and make a mimosa bar filled with different juice options like passionfruit, pineapple, blood orange and more. Have fun with it 🙂 

2. Dance Party

Celebrate the end of yet another week in self-isolation by hosting a virtual dance party! Do you miss those nights out at the dance club or seeing your favorite artists at concert venues? Because 1. So do we, and 2. Good thing we can still participate in a virtual dance party.

Have one of your guests in charge of music selection and make a Spotify playlist for the occasion-throw it back with hits from your college days, old school R&B and the newest pop hits.

While there’s no need for a specific dress code, it’s fun to take off the sweatpants and get dressed up for a night “out” to dance and sing along to your favorite songs with your favorite people.

Spruce up the night even more by setting an “all-black,” “all-white,” or “only-neon” dance party!

Virtual neon dance party with wine.

This one is pretty simple so have a bottle or two ready to sip on as the virtual party progresses and the trips down memory lane ensue.

3. Game Night 

Let’s face it, we all love a little friendly competition – so host a virtual party like game night! You can keep it simple with card games like Charades and Draw! or take it digital with online Cards Against Humanity or Jackbox TV with your select group of friends or family.

We’ve been on Jackbox TV lately and wow, the answers that your parents or super young siblings think of are always a laugh! Only one person needs to own the game for your entire group to play.

Join in on a video call on Zoom, Skype or whatever platform you choose, have the owner of the game share their screen, then enter the room code on your cell to get playing.

Virtual game night with wine.

Now we all know the classic drinking games, but what about a ‘sipping game’? Play “Most Likely To” with your group of friends to reminisce on fun memories together!

Ask questions like “most likely to get kicked out of a movie theatre,” “most likely to skip a meal or two because of a video game” or “most likely to spend more than $100 on a bottle of wine”- the questions are limitless. Whoever is chosen as ‘most likely to’ in each round has to take a sip of their wine, thus the perfect sipping game.

If your mind is blanking on another question to ask, here is a free list of questions to get your thoughts flowing while you host the virtual party.

Playing with your now long-distance significant other? We have a solution here for you too.

Play a game that will allow you two to reconnect emotionally and mentally, like the quarantine-version of We’re Not Really Strangers that is available in physical card format and as an online PDF.

We all know wine makes any occasion more romantic, so each of you pour a glass and cheers through the screen. Cheers to finding new ways to feel connected in a time of isolation, to your health and safety, and to the future memories you two will continue to make. 

4. Themed Night

We can’t be the only ones who miss themed house parties! Start that group chat with the friends you want to host a virtual party with a theme and #GetSipping.

Pay homage to the Roaring 20’s with a Gatsby themed night, jazz music and Champagne, have the group dress up as your favorite superhero squad in the last 100 years, or emulate the look of your favorite celebrities at any of the 2019 award ceremonies for this virtual party.

Have a themed virtual party

Want to have a good laugh? Throw on a onesie or costume! Commit to the theme even more by hosting your theme night on Zoom and select the perfect background to complement it. 

Missing globetrotting with your spouse, best friend or family?

Have all of your guests select the location they want to travel to as soon as we’re able to safely do so!

Pick a photo from that city or country and set it as your Zoom background then enjoy a sip of wine in that city (virtually of course). Put on that suit for an elegant dinner in Italy, wear your favorite matching bathing suit and cover-up to lay poolside in Mexico, or slip on that all-white outfit to stroll the streets of Greece. Wow, we’re getting more wanderlust by the second.

Get Sipping

If you and your chosen quarantine partners #GetSipping during virtually, we’d love for you to tag us on Instagram or Facebook @drinksippd so we can see what wine you’ve ordered with Sippd and what virtual party you hosted!

Install Sippd now and find the perfect bottle to enjoy during your at-home virtual party!

We’re all pretty close to the friends we’re choosing to get online and sip on a few glasses of wine with, but let’s get even closer.

It’s a scary time for a lot of us in self-isolation. Grab a bottle, a wine glass and make sure you have good wifi to keep your spirits high with those who matter most to you. 🥂