How To Expand Your Palate: Through A Wine Subscription Service

Are your tastebuds craving something new and exciting? Have you fallen into a wine rut, where the same three bottles seem to keep repeating themselves in your shopping cart? Don’t worry- there’s a better, less risky way (and affordable!) solution for us all. Enter Wine clubs!

A wine subscription service can help remove the overwhelming feeling of which wines you should be trying and it’s a great way to sample varietals you’ve never heard of, discover new favorites you wouldn’t have tried otherwise, and refine your palate.

What to look for in a wine subscription

Whether you’re an experienced connoisseur or just getting acquainted with the world of quality wines, there are some important considerations to keep in mind when choosing the right subscription for you. First, you’ll want to ensure the subscription suits your personal taste. Does the service allow you to build or personalize the kinds of wines they will be sending so you can find those perfectly suited to your preferences? After all, you wouldn’t want to spend your hard-earned money on a bottle you won’t enjoy. 

Then think about your budget, as price points can vary widely. Keep in mind that there are clubs that are affordable and can give you access to high-quality wines that won’t be found at your local grocery stores.

Last, but not least, consider how often you’d like shipments to come – subscriptions can range from once a month up to every quarter. And remember that flexibility is key – make sure your wine club has options to pause your membership and edit your order selection. 

Our choice: Sippd Wine Club

You’ve probably heard of Sippd, the popular mobile app that uses AI to analyze your palate and provide you with personalized wine recommendations. Well, they recently announced the launch of Sippd Wine Club, their personalized wine subscription service that sends users their top Taste Match wines on a monthly or quarterly basis! 

Their wine club hits the mark with curated boxes of wines matched to your personal taste preferences, flexible plans, and high-quality wines to try at a low cost. Oh, and there are a few different subscription options to help you pick the best box for your budget and wine needs.

How to choose a starting selection of wines to try

There are A LOT of great wines out there, so it can be hard to know where to begin when you’re looking to explore different regions, grapes and flavors! To get the most out of your tasting experiences, it’s important to narrow down your choices. 

If you’re a beginner drinker looking for an easy way to get familiar with a variety of styles without getting overwhelmed, I always recommend a palate analysis! Just take Sippd’s short seven-question wine quiz to let their AI learn your palate preferences, then see which of your top wine matches Sippd has placed in your first box. Select the quantity of bottles you’d like sent your way (four or six), select how frequently you want to receive your box (monthly or quarterly), and viola! You’ll get to taste and enjoy from the comfort of your home.

Sippd Wine Club’s memberships start at $69.99 for four bottles in a box (or $17.50/bottle), but they are giving first-time members a special discount of 50% off their first box. To see which wines Sippd recommends for your palate and join the club, download the Sippd app below:

If you already know your preferences toward specific wine types or varietals, you’re at a great starting point to continue exploring the vast world of wine! Take into account the varietals you’ve already tried and how you like them as well as what flavors you already enjoy. From there, you can also take recommendations from avid wine drinkers, sommeliers, or wine apps and from there, start exploring different varieties that peak your interest! There is no wrong way to find great wines – just remember to enjoy the process.

Now that you’re selected your first set of wines to try, it’s time to taste!

4 quick tips to taste wine like a pro

If you’re looking to expand your palate, wine tasting is a great way to explore the world of flavor. But before you jump in, it’s important to understand the basics of how to taste wine. There are four steps in the wine tasting process: Look, Smell, Taste, and Think. Let’s take a closer look at each one.

  1. Look: When judging the look of a wine, you should observe the color, clarity, and depth. These can provide hints about age, grape varieties, acidity, alcohol, sugar, and even climate.
  2. Smell: Smelling wine is the next step in the process. When smelling a wine, think big to small. This means first taking in the aromas that fill the entire room and then honing in on the more subtle scents. In general, divide the nose of a wine into three primary categories: fruit-driven, earth-driven, and oak-driven.
  3. Taste: Now it’s time to taste! Use your tongue to observe the wine. Our tongues ultimately help us assess the structure of the wine. Sugar, acidity, tannin and body. It’s important to note that aromas may change after swallowing. Swirling the wine in your mouth will help unlock aromas and flavors that you may have missed on the nose.
  4. Think: Finally, when you have finished tasting the wine, it’s important to determine if the wine is balanced or out of balance, meaning all elements of the wine are in harmony, as well as if it is unique and memorable.  Remember – there is no right or wrong answer! You should simply reflect on what you experienced and how you felt about it.

Learn about and expand your palate

Once you’ve mastered the basics of how to taste wine, you should open a few bottles from your monthly subscription box to compare and contrast different varietals, regions, or even vintages. When comparing wines, take note of the color, aroma, taste, and mouthfeel using the four wine tasting steps outlined above. Look for different characteristics in each one. Is one wine more tannic than the other? Does one have a more fruity aroma than the other? What about the body and finish?

All of these elements can help you hone in on the distinguishing features of each wine. By comparing and contrasting two wines, you can get a better understanding of how different wines can be. You can also develop an appreciation for subtle nuances between them. 

Don’t forget to take notes!

As you begin to taste more and more wines, it can be difficult to recall the differences between each or remember fun, unique moments that occurred during your tasting experience. Keeping a wine journal to capture notes on your tasting and reviews on each bottle will ensure all your notes in one place. It can also be a fun way to document your journey in exploring new wines and discovering the ones that suit your tastes!

If you’re a Sippd Wine Club member, remember they have a free mobile app (Sippd) that automatically keeps track of the wines you rate and wishlist on your Profile, which makes it super convenient to refer back to whenever you need it. The Sippd app acts like a digital wine journal to let you rate your wines, jot down aromas, flavors or who you enjoyed the bottle with in your private notes section, and edit four wine characteristic sliders to remember how the wine tasted.  


Not only does a wine subscription give you an opportunity to experience new types of wine, but also provides an educational platform for understanding different varietals and regions better. Every month is sure to bring an adventure for your palate as well as an exciting learning experience. So don’t wait any longer, sign up for Sippd Wine Club’s subscription today and get ready to set off on an exciting new adventure in wine tasting!