How to Find the Perfect White Wine with Sippd

Choices, choices choices. Everyday we’re bombarded with decisions to make that affect our professional and personal life and while life is full of tough choices, choosing wine shouldn’t be one of them! Selecting the best white wines for your palate can be difficult. We’re not all wine experts, but with Sippd, the free AI-powered Chrome extension, finding the perfect white wine has never been easier. 

Providing you with personalized wine recommendations to 1,000’s of bottles, Sippd helps you find and order the perfect wine every time.

Now let’s get you sipping on the perfect white wines for your personal palate!

How It Works

Sippd acts as your AI-powered personal sommelier when shopping for wines online. Once you tell Sippd a few wine styles you currently enjoy and rate three wines you either like or dislike, Sippd begins to learn your preferences to recommend you the bottles that best match your palate with personalized Taste Match scores to thousands of wines. 

Taste Match is the REAL power of Sippd! Once shopping on supported wine retailer sites, you’ll see 1 to 100 Taste Matches scores populate next to each bottle or label online. Indicating how much you’ll enjoy each wine, the higher your Taste Match score, the more you’ll like it.


Even better? The more you order, sip on and rate wines, the more accurate your Taste Match scores become. Oh how we love simplicity.

Get Started with Your Personal Sommelier

The first step to finding the perfect white wine is to install the free Sippd desktop extension! If you’re on a computer, head to the Chrome Web Store here to install Sippd now and pin the extension to your browser for easy access when shopping online. 


If you’re reading on mobile, create your Sippd profile online at! The next time you grab your laptop, you can then install Sippd for free and sign in using the account you just created. 


Explore Your Taste Matches

You know what Taste Match is and how to unlock it (quick recap: install Sippd, create your profile, tell us the wine styles you like and rate three wines), so now discover the wines that best match your personal taste preferences!

While you can see your top Taste Matches to red, whites, rosés, sparkling and other wine styles, today we’ll focus on finding you the best white wines for your palate. 


To view your top Taste Matches, head to the Home page within the Sippd extension! All of your Taste Matches are in one place, making finding and ordering that perfect white wine as easy as ever. 

Now that you view your top Taste Matches, let’s help you find the right bottle for the right occasion.

How to Find the Perfect White Wine 

There are a few factors that people tend to care about when selecting which wine (or wines) to order and those are varietal, region, food pairing and of course, price. Lucky for you, Sippd makes this process quick and effortless with our filter options! 


As you’re browsing your top Taste Matches within the Sippd extension, you can sort your matches by varietal (to stick with white wines you’ve heard of or experiment with new styles), by regions (to explore top wine destinations from home), food pairings (to pair your bottle with your upcoming BBQ or potluck) and price (to save or splurge for the right occasion). Seriously…can it be any easier??

Let’s break it down and show you how to use Sippd’s filter options to find the perfect white wine in the matter of seconds!

Filter by Varietal

From Chardonnay to Viognier and Albariño to Gewürztraminer, there are many white wines to choose from and let’s be honest, choice can be intimidating! While many stick with the familiar Riesling or Pinot Grigio, Sippd helps you step outside of your comfort zone and experiment with confidence. 

Never heard of white wines like Languedoc-Roussillon or Sémillon? No problem! Let Sippd’s AI tech tell you if you’ll enjoy these white varietals, essentially ensuring you’ll enjoy the bottle before you even order it! Revolutionary, right?


After unlocking your Taste Match, select the wine styles you’re interested in learning more about in Sippd’s “Wine Styles” filter option and discover which bottles are 80, 90 or even 100% matches! 

Filter By Region

While many of us are actively social-distancing, what’s to stop us from exploring the world of wine one bottle of wine at a time?? If you had to cancel that trip to Alsace, France you planned for a year or postpone a wedding centered in a Napa Valley vineyard, explore that top wine destination through its vino from the safety of your home instead!  


From classic domestic wine regions like Baja California and Walla Walla Valley in Washington to international treasures like Champagne, France and Barossa Valley in Australia, you can travel through the United States or “trek” overseas to experience their best white wines. 

Head to Sippd’s “Region” filter to select a few locations you’d like to explore from home!

Filter by Food Pairing 

We all know wine is the perfect complement to food…or is it the other way around?? 😉 Whatever way you view it, you can elevate your at-home dining experience with a perfect food and wine pairing. 

Whether you have an upcoming girls night planned with a cheese platter on display, are prepping a meaty holiday dinner, or just wanting a classic wine that pairs well with freshly-baked chocolate chip cookies and Netflix, Sippd will show you the best wines to match with almost 20 different food pairings to choose from!


Appetizers, fish and sushi, mushrooms, pungent cheese, red meat and vegetables are just a few foods you can select from Sippd’s “Food Pairing” filter to find and order the perfect white wine to match your planned feast. 

Filter by Price

Who doesn’t love a good deal?! We all want to save our hard-earned coin and with Sippd, you’ll never waste money on a bottle again. 

I know I speak for a lot of beginner winos when I say that your mind naturally associates a higher price tag with better quality. However, when it comes to vino, that’s not necessarily always true! Just as that $100 Burgundy Chablis may be mouth-wateringly delightful, the $9.99 Sauvignon Blanc can also leave you with a lasting impression and quickly become a favorite.


With Sippd’s price filter, you’re able to control how much you spend on your bottles. Have a special occasion approaching like a graduation, or bridal shower? Splurge a little and move those purple dots on the price filter to only show your top Taste Matches that are between $20 and $35 or $50 and above to effortlessly find the right bottle for your tastes and wanted price point! You can even see bottles $10 and below, which are perfect for sipping on an average Monday or whenever your heart desires. 

Combine Filters to Find Your Next Favorite White

Sippd was created because we wanted a better way to order wine. Mix and match the filter options to find your perfect white wine in seconds! Discover a European varietal you didn’t even know existed and order a bottle that’s under the $15 price range for your next Wine Wednesday. The opportunities are endless so explore the world of wine one sip at a time. 


Search and Save with Ease 

Wanting to know more about a wine with a high Taste Match score that catches your eye? Press the wine card to view its tasting profile and simple food pairing options for a quick overview of the bottle. Interested in tasting it but don’t want to buy it now? Save it to your personal Wishlist for future sipping. You can also keep track of all the wines you’ve ordered and rated with your Ratings list, so you’ll never forget the wines you love again.


Get Sipping on the Perfect White Wine

If you’re on a desktop, install the free Chrome extension by heading to the Chrome Web Store now! Otherwise, sign up and create your Sippd profile on mobile today by heading to


Find the perfect white wine with your personal sommelier, Sippd. Don’t forget to tag us on Instagram @drinksippd and use the hashtag #GetSipping if you order one (or a case) of your top white wine Taste Matches.

Cheers to the best way to order wine online!