The Personal Sommelier Making Wine Approachable

So many things in our lives have changed recently, but wine has remained the same. A glass after a long work day helps us de-stress, a bottle of red to enjoy at dinner with our significant other brings us extra romance, and a bottle of Champagne (with a splash of orange juice) on a Sunday morning makes for the perfect brunch mimosas.

While many of us are trying to stay far away from large grocery stores, we still want our beloved wine! This is where the Sippd, your personal sommelier, comes into the picture.

Sippd: Your Digital Sommelier
Sippd: Discover Wines You’ll Love

Your Personal Sommelier

The free Sippd Chrome extension lets you skip the crowd at your grocer, find wines personalized to your taste preferences and order online- thank you, technology!

Sippd connects to (and other top wine retailers soon!), letting you explore the wine selection and find bottles that align to your personal taste preferences so you never order the wrong wine again. Our personal wine recommender platform uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to learn your taste preferences, then assigns each bottle on with a 1-100 score, that we call your Taste Match. Your Taste Match let’s you know how much you’ll enjoy the bottle, so the higher the score is to 100%, the more you’ll enjoy!

While a friend, family member or co-worker may recommend a bottle that is critically-acclaimed or well-known within the wine community, your taste buds just simply might not like it! And there’s nothing wrong with that.

The reality is that everyone has a different palate! With your personal sommelier, you can trust your own palate along with Sippd’s AI-powered tech.

Find Your Taste Match

Tend to stick with the one type of wine you know you like because you’re scared to try something new? Know you prefer white wine over red but don’t know which varietals work best for your palate? Want to explore food and wine pairings but have no idea where to start?

Sippd helps you with it all.

View Your Top Taste Matches to see wines with the highest Taste Match to your preferences in one list place so you can try something different. We’ve factored in novelty into our AI-powered tech so you can expand your palate without the risk of wasting money on a wine you won’t like.

See your Top Tastes Matches with Sippd, your digital sommelier.

The Perfect Bottle Every Time

Wanting a bottle for a certain occasion or price point? We have you covered. Filter your top Taste Matches by price point (to snag those bottles under $35), by country (to explore new wine regions), and by food pairings (to perfectly pair your wine to meal).

Prep for a fancy at-home dinner or an online graduation ceremony with a pre-planned entree and accompanying bottle (or two) at the right price point, from a top wine region and for your appetizers or main course.

See what wine pairs best with what foods.

Wishlist Wines for Your Tastes

If 10 bottles you’ve never tried before catch your eye but you don’t want to order all at once, no worries- add a few bottles to your Sippd Wishlist and order online them next time! We’ll also notify you when they go on sale, so you can get the best deal on wines you’ve been eyeing.

Wishlist the wines you want to order later.

Your Ratings

Never forget your sips again! With Sippd, Your Ratings showcase all the wines you’ve rated on our extension and how you felt about them. With this personal wine history list, you’ll always remember your 5-star bottles and all-time-favorite sips. Have a family member asking what to get you for the holiday season or a birthday? Show them the bottles you’ve loved on Sippd and we’re sure you’ll be delighted with their purchase.

Rate your wine selection within your digital sommelier.

Get Sipping with Your Personal Sommelier

So let’s get you sipping with us. First of all, you’re going to want to install the Sippd plug-in here onto your Chrome browser. In 4 simple steps, you’ll be on your way to ordering wines the best way- with your personal sommelier!

1. Tell us which wine styles you like

Tell your digital sommelier which wine styles you enjoy.

2. Unlock your Taste Match by rating 3 wines 

Unlock your Taste Match on Sippd, your digital sommelier.

3. Browse by Taste Matches on to find the best wines for your tastes

Find the best wines for your tastes with your digital sommelier.

4. Order wine for your palate, sip and rate

Rate your wine selection within your digital sommelier.

It’s that easy! Then you’re set to explore your personal sommelier helping you find, order and sip on new wines you’ll love, aka the best way to order wine at-home.

Wine lovers across the nation are turning to uncork a bottle or two during these uncertain times. And if you’re worried you’re alone in sneaking in the pour of another glass, we guarantee you you’re not! People are ordering wine online like crazy during this quarantine because we have to stay sane somehow 😉 

While you’re stuck at home, quarantine-and-chill the right way and supply yourself with more vino using Sippd to find the perfect bottle every time! Take all the guess-work out of your next wine order with your personal sommelier.

Remember the quick and easy 4-step process to discover wines for your tastes:

  1. Tell us which wine styles you like
  2. Unlock your Taste Match by rating 3 wines
  3. Browse by Taste Matches on to find the best wines for your tastes
  4. Order wine for your palate, sip and rate

#GetSipping today and tag us on Instagram @drinksippd so we can see what you’re ordering and sipping on 🥂

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