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We all know the coronavirus stockpiling has been insane and hopefully everyone has enough toilet paper and hand sanitizer by now, but how is your wine rack looking? Running low on the *other* essentials? 🍷


Let’s face it, all of us want our “sacred juice” during these times! Now there’s an easier way to get personalized wine recommendations for your tastes and it’s by using Sippd, your AI-powered personal sommelier!

While we’ve delayed the launch of our mobile wine app due to restaurant closures and health concerns, we’ve created a FREE Chrome extension version of Sippd, the newest personal wine recommender platform helping YOU and all the other at-home sippers find new wines to enjoy while in the safety of your home. 

Get personalized wine recommendations with Sippd.
Sippd is available for install on the
Chrome Store.

Find the Perfect Bottle of Wine

Many of us are ordering our wine online while in self-isolation, so now you can find (and order) wine you know you’ll love every time, online.

The Sippd browser extension connects to to let you explore wines online and provides you with a 1-100 score that signifies how closely that wine will match to your personal tastes. 

Here’s how the Sippd browser extension works, once you hop onto your laptop and install on the Chrome Web Store:

1. Choose the wine styles you like

Choose which wine styles you enjoy so we get to know your preferences.

2. Unlock your Taste Match by rating 3 wines 

Unlock your Taste Match to find the perfect wine for your tastes.

3. Browse by Taste Matches on to find the best wines for your tastes

Shop by Taste Matches to find the best wines for your tastes; wine tastes.

4. Order wine for your palate, sip and rate

Order, sip, rate. Wine for your tastes.

With our machine learning and AI-powered technology, Sippd is able to provide you with highly personalized wine recommendations by using millions of data points to find complex relationships between wines you’ve rated and other Sippd users with similar tastes and preferences. 

Your Taste Match

Getting to know your taste preferences with each wine you order, sip and review, Taste Match is the real power of Sippd. *cue the fireworks*

With your three initial wine reviews, your Taste Match will be 90%+ accurate and will only improve with every review- so you can always find and order the perfect wine for your tastes.

Sippd: Discover Wines You'll Love

Have you ever been confused browsing through unsure if that highly-rated but expensive champagne was worth the buy? Different critics have different palates, so trust your own palate while you discover new bottles you’ll love with Sippd!    

Sippd leverages your history of wine orders and reviews to refine your taste profile, ever improving your wine selection experience and providing unbiased reviews, tasting notes and food pairings, so you never order the wrong bottle again. Stop the guesswork and be confident in ordering that bottle of Gewürztraminer, Sangiovese or whatever you feel like ordering that day.

Tend to forget what bottles you like and which you don’t, because we all do? Don’t worry, we have you covered there as well with Your Ratings page, where you can find the history of all the wines you’ve ordered, rated and how you liked them so you never forget the wines you love.

View Your Ratings to see all the wines you've rated and all the wines for your tastes.

Stay Connected with A Glass In Hand

You should have a wine that’s tasty to keep you company while you binge-watch Ozark or 90 Day Fiancé, put together a 1,000 piece puzzle or join TikTok to keep up with the dance trends, right?? We say yes. 

In our new cautionary, stay-at-home lifestyle, sipping on a new bottle (or two- we don’t judge) is a weekly activity for us and for some many others around the globe, especially while we can’t physically travel right now. 

During this time where we can’t see each other in-person for those weekend getaway wine-and-dine sessions in a new city, post-work happy hours with your co-workers or Sunday brunch with your best friends, it’s important to foster those relations virtually.

Stay connected through the love of wine and share your thoughts on the bottles you and your friends have been sipping on.

Whether it’s a way to unwind from a packed day of virtual meetings or from the stress of a mandatory stay-at-home order, you can quarantine-and-chill the right way with Sippd.

Get Sipping with Personalized Wine Recommendations

Enjoy wines for your tastes while in self-isolation alone, with roommates, a partner or the whole family. Because life is full of tough choices and choosing wine shouldn’t be one of them.

The Sippd Chrome extension is up and running so come sip with us as we introduce your digital sommelier at home! 🍷

Install Now

#GetSipping today and tag us on Instagram @drinksippd so we can see what you’re ordering and sipping on 🥂

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